Wow, fantastic baby
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Anonymous asked: Is it ok if I use your madoka pixel on my blog with credit? Thanks!

Sure, no problem!

doodles i plan to finish someday

thewarchief asked: what do you think of panchuari? A very shaddy person imo...

Very shady, what good could come from someone called Sil..

terrorbuns asked: how about that terrorbuns nerd what a gigantic nerd also how about davybot

they’re both huge nerds; the first one has a thing for bad dragon dildos and is really nice and cool, hears me out when I need someone :>

the second one is tired 24/7 and is very nice as well

im so bad at this dsgsddf

send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them


sanae defense squad


i made this 3 years ago and i’m still proud of it hah;;;;;;


:> :> :>

There she is