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Yes plz



収録曲 ワンデイ・ワンリーズンに描き下ろしたサービスカット



Seaport-hime mama taking care (♥▽♥ ;)


Tiny starfishes I captured in the aquariums of Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam

Another monthly play Muramasa Rebirth post.

Yes, on the last day of August even.

So lately I’ve been achievement hunting in bed before sleeping, and I’m three trophies from Platinum (Fury trophies + Momohime’s tutorial I accidentally missed).

But last night I beat Kisuke’s story on Fury, and now I just need their second and third endings to get the thing and Officially 100% this game :’)

my babies….

All the other screenshots I took are spoilers ; _ ; I have more but I changed the memory card cause I didn’t have enough space for Riviera (very nice game too).

And I believe the new DLC already came out in Japan, Raiyaki’s DLC the cute cute cute Oni-Musume. I’m so hyped about it cause just look at her…

Track: 幻想河童行進曲 feat. ytr
Artist: ytr
Album: Soul Flower

just a dump of the past week(s?)! I only draw on weekends now because I do homework during the days now ;; with captions, like always.

So if you commissioned me, your stuff is pretty much sketched and I just need to finish it!! 


Oh yeah… this part… O-O (I don’t know what to say)

Track: Deep in Mountain and Valley
Artist: Noriyuki Kamikura
Album: Oboromuramasa Arrange Album

Deep in Mountain and Valley

Noriyuki Kamikura

Muramasa: The Demon Blade Arrange version